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Safety behind the wheel

My Karibe is dedicated to keeping people safe on the road. Our technology enables us to focus on driver safety before, during, and after every trip.

Before the trip

Picking up passengers

No anonymous pickups
All riders must create an account and provide their name, email address, and phone number before they can request a ride. So when you accept a request, you’ll know who you’re picking up and so will we.

Substitute phone numbers
In many locations around the world, My Karibe uses technology that anonymizes phone numbers to keep contact details confidential. So when you and your rider need to contact each other, your personal information stays private.

On Trip

Getting to the destination

In-app navigation
When riders enter their destination, you will automatically receive turn-by-turn directions in the app—so you can focus on getting there safely.

Always on the map
GPS data is logged for every trip so we know who you’re driving and where you’re going, which promotes accountability and encourages good behavior.

After the Trip

Always improving the My Karibe experience

No change, no hassle

Driver feedback
You rate your rider after every trip. We review those ratings to ensure that everyone you pick up is as respectful as you are. Riders reported to violate our terms of service may be prevented from using My Karibe.

Drive safely with My Karibe
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